Letter to Hayagriva November 8 1968

Letter to: Hayagriva
Los Angeles
8 November, 1968


My Dear Hayagriva,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated Oct. 31, 1968, and I am so much pleased to read the contents. I understand that you have started to firmly initiate a campus society, called OSU Yoga Society. It would have been better to name it as Bhakti YogaSociety, otherwise the society may be understood as one of the many yoga societies. Anyway, whatever the name may be, it does not matter. If you are successful in capturing the students for chanting in the auditorium, it will be a great success. I think you have already been informed that this time I entered USA on Immigrant visa, that is to say, I have been admitted as permanent resident on the order of ordained religious minister. So this was a great problem, and Krishna has now solved it. I have got also my landed immigrant visa in Canada, but I think I shall surrender it.

I also understand that you do not want to get married now, but if you marry at all, you should marry now. Because after the age of 30, marriage is not so pleasing. Practically I am giving in charge of the different centers to the Grhasthas.  If you decide to marry, there are many devotee girsl, and one of them may be a very nice companion for your devotional life,  You prefer to be free, but a devoted wife is as good as fredom.   The Grhastha disciples, just like Syamasundara., Mukunda, and Gurudasa, with their wives, are doing very nicely in London. Similarly Dayananda and his wife Nandarani are doing very nicely here. Similarly Satsvarupa and his wife Jadurani are doing very nice in Boston. Another Grhastha, Gaurasundara, has gone to Hawaii, and his wife may go there also, and he will organize the Pacific Region. So we have taken this New Vrindaban scheme, and it has to be developed very nicely. Now because I have got my permanent visa there is no question of my convenience. Whenever you think I should go to New Vrindaban, I am prepared to go there. But I think I shall go there when there is electricity, because I want to work my dictaphone with me, and I understand the electricity is not connected there still. And I shall be glad to know when you expect to have electricity connection. I have already left Montreal, and from Montreal I went to Santa Fe, and then I have come here on the 28th of Oct.

Regarding the Bhagavad-gita, yes you must get a considerable discount. You will get 40% less than the list price, and I wish that you will distribute at least 1000 copies amongst your students, and thereby you will be able to save at least $1000 for developing New Vrindaban scheme. There are 42,000 students in your university, and if 5% of them purchased our Gita, then we can sell at least 2000 copies there. So I hope you will try for this, as far as possible, and it will be both propaganda as well as income for the New Vrindaban scheme. When you order to Brahmananda you can mention this statement of mine, and in the meantime when I write to him again I shall also inform him about that discount. In the meantime, recently I have received 40 complete sets of Srimad-Bhagavatam, and if you so desire you can order some sets immediately. I have not heard from Kirtanananda for many days and I have received from Pradyumna one letter and I have replied him. I am anxious to know also when I shall get the 1st canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam completely revised. Then we shall begin our 2nd canto. The New York boys are very much anxious to start our own press immediately and we must have sufficient matter to print in the press continually.

The Deity worship must be continued by everyone. Another secret of success is that when one is very much sexually disturbed he should think of Lord Krishna’s pastimes with the Gopis, and he will forget his sex urge. To think of Krishna’s pastimes with Gopis, but not to try to imitate.

Hoping you are all well,

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Letter to Rayarama October 17 1968

Letter to: Rayarama
17 October, 1968


My Dear Rayarama,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your long letter dated October 11, 1968, and I am trying to reply this letter in two ways: The points of human civilization as well as about our constitutional program. The first thing I may inform you that I am going to Montreal by the 23 or the 24 of October, because I have got an appointment engagement with the Consulate General of United States in the matter of my permanent visa on the 25 of Oct. in Montreal. I tried to transfer my file to Vancouver, but that will take another month, so instead of waiting another month, I am going there to make the matter easier. So if some of you come to Montreal, to see me there, then we can talk in detail about the constitutional proposal as well as other things, because from Montreal I may go to Santa Fe. That is the program. And while coming, somebody may bring my overcoat which is hanging in my closet in the apartment.

Regarding your present edition of Back To Godhead: I have already informed you in my previous letter that it has become very nice, and try to continue the effort improving the quality and I think you are getting good advertisement also. And if the advertisement income is increased, you can increase the pages and reading matter along with it. You should simply accept advertisement collection for publication costs—namely, the paper and printing costs. So at present if you try to get more advertisement I think there will be no difficulty. Similarly, induce Jaya Govinda and Acyutananda in India to get advertisement. If they try, people will be very glad to give advertisement in our paper, even they will be glad to mention their name only, that this space is donated by such and such. They will pay. They are prepared to pay like that. Many people are publishing nonsense magazines as they are collecting money in that way. So this is a Vaisnava magazine, and in Bombay especially, there are many Vaisnavas rich men, merchants, they will be very glad that Krishna Consciousness is being preached in America, and they will donate space. They have got money. So let these two boys work in that way, and distribute Back To Godhead free, and simply collect money for donation of space, and increase the volume of writing. I think both you and Brahmananda will request them that instead of sitting idly and talking sometimes to become this or become that; so far Jaya Govinda, he can also write nice articles, his article “Hrshikesa” is nice. People will be glad to read such articles in this country. At the same time, people in India will be glad to learn that Krishna Consciousness is being preached in western countries. In this way, we have to form International Society. So practically now we are in the making of, so you go on drafting the constitution, but don’t distribute now. Whatever you do, you first of all show me, and the final copy will be distributed, then we shall call for a meeting and then we shall adopt. Don’t distribute immediately. Anyway, try to do it conveniently, there is no haste. But don’t distribute anything without showing me. So far the constitution goes, my instruction for the present is this.

Next—regarding your point: program for a spiritual world civilization—it is very nice suggestion. And practically our Krishna Consciousness movement is built on this idea, that we want to make a world civilization on the basis of spiritual understanding. So I am giving you some points which you may expand or do it for understanding of the people in general. But the point should be as follows: 1st point, that any civilization devoid of God consciousness or Krishna Consciousness, is no civilization at all. It is simply a polished type of animal society. This is the first point. So at the present moment, the modern civilization on the basis of so-called scientific knowledge and economic development is trying to avoid God consciousness, or Krishna Consciousness—that is the defect of the modern civilization. Therefore, in spite of all advancement it is zero. So zero has no value. And millions of zeros put together does not make any value. But one is put on the left side of the zero, it increases the value. Then one zero becomes 10, two zero becomes 100, three zero becomes 1000, so it is very nice. This point should be clearly discussed, that without God conciousness, Krishna Consciousness, any attempt of human civilization so-called philosophical or political or economical or labor, they are all zeros. The human society should be divided as a social order, as the intellectual men, the administrator class, and the mercantile class, and the laborer class. And so far spiritual order, they should be divided as the renounced order of life, retired order of life, householder, and student life. Third point, all these 8 divisions are meant for understanding the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and this Krishna Consciousness movement is meant for teaching this necessities of human civilization. Fourth point, so far the administrator class of men, or mercantile class of men, and laborer class of men, there are many institutions but to train a first class intellectual man, there is no institution all over the world. And there is no institution for spiritual training also. So this Krishna Consciousness movement is trying to help the human society on these two points, which they are lacking. So we have therefore taken a large tract of land to begin with, in W. Virginia, the place is called New Vrindaban. So we want to train students for becoming the first class intellectual person, and instruct the whole human society about the aim of life, and Krishna Consciousness or God consciousness. So we are inviting the desiring or intending students to join in our institution and we invite the public and government to cooperate with our movement. The fifth point is that in whatever division one may be situated, this very aim of life should be to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is the duty of everyone, it doesn’t matter in what status of life he is situated, but if he wants to have a successful life, then he must learn to see how by his activities the Supreme Lord is satisfied. That should be the aim. Then it does not matter what is the position and occupation of the man, but he is in the right order of civilization because his very aim is to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Next point, And in order to learn this art, how he is able to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead, one has to take instruction or education in the art of Krishna Consciousness, by reading Bhagavad- gita as it is, by reading Srimad-Bhagavatam, which are calculated the science of God, and following the Teachings of Lord Caitanya, such practice should be performed 24 hours. It is not that one may meditate for 15 minutes, and he becomes spiritually advanced, it is not possible. So the Krishna Consciousness movement is training people how to be absorbed in the thought of Krishna, 24 hours. Take for example, the Bhagavad-gita: the instruction of Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita are just suitable for a perfect human civilization. So one should learn this teachings of Bhagavad-gita as it is. Next point, in order to understand this teachings of Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam, there should be centers where people can assemble daily, morning and evening, and try to understand this Krishna Consciousness or God consciousness movement. So we are trying to open branches all over the world in every city, in every town, in every village, and people should take advantage of it. There is no question of monetary transaction to enter into these centers and institutions, but because we have to maintain such institutions, public should voluntarily contribute and that is very gladly accepted. Next point, when people are accustomed to associate with these different centers, of Krishna Consciousness movement, they will one day come out of the material concept of life. Just like one becomes awakened from sleep. While sleeping, one sees so many nonsense dreams, but as soon as one is awakened, he becomes conscious that oh, I was seeing so many nonsense dreams, actually it has no existence. Similarly, when a person becomes Krishna Conscious, he can understand the falsity representation of this material civilization. Next point, and when he is awakened, he becomes completely detached from the so-called affection for designations, namely, society, friendship and love. Next point, by such understanding, one is not so much materially active. One is satisfied with income which can simply maintain his body and soul together and he is no more interested to increase the bank balance unnecessarily for sense gratification. The defect of the modern civilization that everyone is earning money undoubtedly in large volumes, but he does not know how to spend. He is spending simply for sense gratification and the last word of sense gratification is sex, therefore all money is being spent up for intoxication and sexual life, nudey dance, nudey theater, in so many ways. That means they are spoiling their human source of energy. Next point, one should be so trained up that within the heart he will be freed from all material attraction, but so long the body is there, to keep the body and soul together, he has to work like ordinary man. Next point, the society, friendship and love of material existence may be accepted without any attraction, and whatever the so-called society, friendship and love wants to take service from us, one should simply say, yes, it is very nice, but actually he should give more importance for spiritual advancement of life. Next point, one should know it certain that material resources, either in this planet or in other planets, either in the sky or within the earth, namely in the mines, all the properties that is being utilized at the present moment as economic development, one should understand definitely that all the ingredients supplied or all the ingredients stocked, for example, the petroleum now stocked within the earth, and people are utilizing it for so many power machinery—one should know that this petroleum belongs to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is not man-made. Nor the scientists can manufacture. Similarly everything, all commodities, all things, all properties, they are made by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This understanding must be there. Next point, one can enjoy such properties but with this understanding, that they belong to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.Just like one is situated in the public park in a very nice garden, public park, but one should always remember that the public park does not belong to him, personally. But it is the property of the government or the state. Next point, therefore, the properties made by the Supreme Personality of Godhead can be utilized by all living entities. Every living entities, not only the human beings, but also the animals, they have got right to live on the property of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Next point, nobody can encroach upon the right of other living

entities. Everyone is supplied by the Lord, the fooding, shelter, by natural arrangement, so nobody should encroach upon the right of living of others. As such, the human being considered to be the highest developed conscious animals, so if they utilize this consciousness in relationship with Krishna, that is called Krishna Consciousness. Next point, a Krishna Conscious person does not encroach upon the right of other living beings, as such they do not approve organized slaughterhouses for killing animals. Next point, if you maintain slaughterhouses then you have to suffer the consequence, because in the law of nature, there is no distinction between one life to another. Every living entity is equally valuable. Next point, every living entity is claimed as the son of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, they may be dressed differently, because the body is dress, the body is not identification with the living entity, therefore the living entity may be dressed in 8,400,000 of different dresses, and the living entity as he is, there is no qualitative difference between human being and animal. Therefore, their material necessities are the same, namely, eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. Next point, the foolish idea that animals or plants or other living entities have no life, is the basic cause of human sinful activities. Next point, one should be satisfied only to fulfill the belly, that is the eating process. If you can satisfy your belly by such things as grains, vegetables, fruits and milk, you have no right to kill another animal for satisfying the taste of your tongue. The human society is meant for living on the natural production, namely, grains, fruits, vegetables, and milk. They should not indulge extravagantly for other things. And if actually they are Krishna Conscious, they know the art of how to prepare thousands of palatable dishes only from the varieties of vegetables, grains, fruits, and milk. If anyone takes more than he requires then he is to be understood a thief. Nobody should accumulate for future consumption of family, society, or nation, more money or more grains or more vegetables or more eatables, one should have only as much as he requires. If there is greater production, that should be distributed to persons who need them. Because food grains, especially, they are meant for all living entities, they should not be spoiled. Next point, therefore, one who spoils food grains unnecessarily, he is criminal. And one who accumulates more money than is actually required, he is also criminal. And according to the law of nature, or according to the law of God, such persons are surely to be punished.

This punishment may not be visible in this life, but because life is eternal, it is continuity, one must be prepared to accept such punishment in this life or next life, and because they are taking the risk, therefore, the living entity is transmigrating from one body to another, and that is his problem of life. The human life is meant for solving this problem. All animals like deer, camel, ass, monkey, even flies and snakes, none should be ill treated. Even they enter into the house or in the fields and take their eatables, they should not be stopped. Because they have also got the right to eat, eatables supplied by the Lord. And they will not eat more, neither they will take at home, They are better than human beings. If a human being is allowed to enter into the field or into the garden, he will try to take away something for selling or stocking, but the animals do not. So the innocent animals should be accepted as children of the householder.

 Nobody should take to very hardship labor. The modern civilization has discovered severe types of dangerous industries, and laborers are attracted for high wages. But they should not accept such work. Then naturally there will be less capitalistic idea. Because the laborer cooperates, therefore demoniac persons they take advantage and make unnecessarily increase of artificial demands of the body. Better one should be satisfied with agricultural produce than go into large cities to be engaged in industry. Peaceful life depending on agricultural produce can bring him real happiness and prosperity, not otherwise. The more persons will be satisfied at their home, with home economics, not to go outside the home, that is peaceful life. In India, Mahatma Gandhi tried to organize villages in that way so that not to drag the people to the town. So peaceful atmosphere can be attained only when there is large scale village organization, actually village life. Not to borrow the ideas from the cities in the village life; poet Cooper said that country is made by God, and the cities and towns are made by man. So that is the distinction.

There are many such nice ideas, for peaceful living on this planet and execute Krishna Consciousness, so that one may become completely freed from contamination of material existence, and get eternal life, just after quitting this body. This is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita,Taktva Deham Punar Janma Na Eti Mam Eti Kaunteya. By simple prosecution of Krishna Consciousness, one goes back to home, back to Godhead, just after quitting this present body.

If people cooperate with this Krishna consciousness movement, certainly a better type of civilization can be introduced for permanent peace and prosperity of the whole world.

Hope this will meet you in good health,

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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Letter to Sivananda November 11 1968

Letter to: Sivananda
Los Angeles
11 November, 1968


My Dear Sivananda,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated Nov. 1, 1968, and I am glad to inform you that as directed by you I have sent the 3 letters to the following personalities: Minister in charge of cultural and religious affairs, Mr. Michael Weyl, and Dr. Irvin. The body of the letter is the same as you drafted. Now you can do the needful and inquire whether they have received the letters. I hope very soon you will find out a suitable place in Hamburg and start the temple and if required you can take assistance from Syamasundara. for the Deities. I am glad to learn that Krishna das has got a job in a jewelry shop, similarly both you and Uttama Sloka may also find out some job and immediately take a nice apartment. If storefront is too costly then you can start the center in some apartment and try to invite people there and live together. Regarding your question, about living alone, living alone is a general tendency for a person who wants to get disassociated with the materialistic persons. That is also recommended by the Goswamis in their instructions. It is better to remain alone than to mix with materialistic persons. But this is not applicable when we have the opportunity to get the association of pure devotees. Our program is negative and positive simultaneously. We want to negate the materialistic side and make positive the spiritual side, it is not one sided. If you have no positive standing, negating only will not make you successful. Therefore it is better to remain positively within the society of pure devotees. That is also recommended by the Goswamis. That one should be occupied in activities in the modes of goodness and associate with spiritualistic persons, that will make one’s advancement very quick.

Persons who want to take advantage of cheap reputation they imitate great personalities like Haridasa Thakura, who was alone chanting 300,000 of Holy Names daily. By such chanting, lonely chanting he got so much spiritual power that he could convert even a harlot to become a great devotee whereas an ordinary person falls easily a victim to such allurement.  So one should not imitate such great personalities but one should try to see how much taste he has developed for chanting, so that one can remain alone simply being engaged in chanting. If one can remain alone simply being engaged in chanting, that is very good, but it is difficult also. A conditioned soul in conditioned life it is very difficult to concentrate our mind in chanting absolutely. Better to be engaged in preaching work, that will make one gradually successful. Besides that, when we are actually engaged in with the preaching work, we gradually acquire our spiritual strength without failure.

Regarding Radha Damodara temple, because it is one of the most important temples in Vrindaban, I took shelter in this temple, just to improve the dilapidated condition. The present proprietor or the men in charge of this temple, they are most materialistic men, and simply utilizing the temple and its property for their sense gratification. If Radha Damodara likes, in future, I may be able to do something for this temple, but until I have got the opportunity probably I am not going again into that temple. I have now New Vrindaban scheme and I shall try to develop all the important temples of Vrindaban including Radha Damodara temple in our New Vrindaban  site.

No, the moon’s phases has nothing to do with spiritual. Yes, the students should agree to be malleable by the Spiritual Master, then his success is sure. In your western part of the world, people are falsely taught not to become slavish. Everyone wants to assert his personal views and opinions, without following any authority. That is the general tendency. But although such persons claim not to be slaves, actually they are slaves to the senses. So instead of being a slave of the senses, if one voluntarily becomes the slave of Krishna, or His representative, that is good for him. This is maya, thinking that we are independent. We are slaves—every moment we are serving our senses. We are slaves to so many abominable things, to drugs, intoxication, sex, doing the most abominable things in the service of the senses. So it is not slavish when one agrees to become slave of Krishna and His representative, then this is liberated position, liberated from being slave to the senses. Yes, Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura said, My Dear Vaisnava Thakura, Spiritual Master, let me become your dog, and I shall remain at your door, and I shall guard against any nonsense persons trying to enter, and whatever food you will give me, I shall eat, and I shall remain as your dog.

Your specific talents are to be engaged under direction of the Spiritual Master. Everything, every talent can be employed in Krishna’s service, and how to do it is known to the Spiritual Master. You have the tendency for botany, you can grow nice flowers and fruits for Krishna, that is the utilization of your natural tendency. If you have got specific training in this connection, then after establishing this center in Hamburg you can come to our New Vrindaban and grow things, or you can grow things in Hamburg also. Fruits and flowers can be produced anywhere.

Yes, these your questions are very intelligent questions. Hoping you are all well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Letter to Kirtanananda October 22 1968

Letter to: Kirtanananda
22 October, 1968


My Dear Kirtanananda,

Please accept my blessings. While I am packing my goods for going to Montreal I have received your letter of Oct. 18, 1968. Yes, when Krishna has given us New Vrindaban, it must develop rest assured. You have got very good engagement by the Grace of Krishna, do it nicely and your life will be glorious and successful. So also Hayagriva’s. When you go to Columbus take Radha Krishna with you and teach Hayagriva also how to worship the Deities. If required, ask Acyutananda and Jaya Govinda to send you another pair of Deity for Hayagriva. Radhakrishna shall be your life companion and thus you will be always secure from the attack of Maya. So also Hayagriva. The present mode of worship is quite alright, don’t worry. You have seen in Vrindaban so do follow as much as possible. Decorate the Deity as nicely as possible with nice flowers and dress. You will forget all other false beauty. Open the Columbus center gorgeously along with Hayagriva and Pradyumna. The boys will like it. Carry Deity with you. Krishna is so nice. He is carrying the whole planetary system as Sankarsana, but at the same time, He agrees to be carried by His devotees as small as a devotee can carry Him. He is greater than the greatest and smaller than the smallest. His greatness is there even when He becomes small to be carried by a devotee. The Mayavadis cannot understand how the greatest can become the smallest as it is impossible on material understanding. I am going to Montreal to meet the consulate of USA for my permanent visa. Let me see what Krishna desires. Hope you are well. Offer my blessings to all.

Your ever well wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Letter to Hayagriva October 7 1968

Letter to: Hayagriva
7 October, 1968


My Dear Hayagriva,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated October 2, 1968, and I am very much pleased to learn that you have secured a very good apartment of 5 rooms, and it is very near to your office. I have received one letter from Pradyumna as well as Kirtanananda Maharaja, from New Vrindaban, and I am enclosing herewith the replies of Pradyumna’s letter; I hope he has be this time come to you.

Your statement “within the month I hope to have some students chanting” is very encouraging for me. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages; there is no doubt about it. In our childhood, we read one grammar made by two English professors, Mr. Rowe and Webb, in Calcutta, Presidential College, and they have given their statement that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. Besides that, we understand from reliable resources, that Sanskrit is the spoken by the higher planetary denizens. It is therefore called Devanagari. Devanagari means the cities of the demigods. This language is spoken there. And so far, AUM is concerned, actually, the AU, the alphabet A, is the basic principle of all languages. And Krishna says, Aksaranan Akarasmi the A amongst all alphabets, is Krishna. Because A is the beginning of all language. A or Au. So your representation that Sanskrit is the origin of Indo-European languages, is quite right, but our main concern is how we can impress people about the importance of Krishna Consciousness, and your scholarly presentation of the Anglo-Saxon language is very much pleasing to me; I hope in future you have to move amongst the scholars, representing our Krishna Consciousness movement, so I am glad that you are thinking in that way for our future program.

Regarding your enemy, Mr. Lust: I have noted the difficulties, but we should always remember that Krishna is stronger than any demon, and Mr. Lust, or his father or his grandfather, nobody can do anything provided we take shelter of Krishna very tightly. Now so far your personal matter is concerned, you are a Brahmacari, you can marry at any time, and in New York, all the nice girls, they are actually very suitable for our students, and I encourage that all the Brahmacaris may be very responsible, and marry one of the girls. Because generally the girls desire good husband and a good home, children, that is their natural propensity, so we want to show some ideal householders also. But the proposal that marriage will solve the question of lust, is not practical. Neither wife should be accepted as a machine for satisfying our lust. The marriage tie should be taken as very sacred. One who marries for subduing lust is mistaken. Because lust cannot be satisfied simply by indulging in sense gratification. It is compared with that extinguishing the fire with large amount of petrol. For the time being, the fire may appear to be extinguished by pouring a large quantity of petrol, but the petrol itself is so dangerous that at any time, it can be in flame. So to subdue lust is a different process. Then you have to take to Deity worship. I am sending herewith one copy of the process of Deity worship. Krishna is Madan Mohan. You have already stated in your letter, it is very nice, that you would much prefer to channel all your desires to Krishna, and you ask me how is this possible when enveloped in maya, seeing only material forms. You have also written to say that if you can see the Absolute Beauty which is all-attractive, then you could not help but be attracted and would scorn mundane beauty. This is actually the remedy. So you may take immediately to the Arcana, the Deity worship. Kirtanananda Maharaja has also begun Deity worship in New Vrindaban, and Pradyuma knows how he is doing, and similarly, in New York, Brahmananda is also engaged now in the Deity worship, and the process is a little difficult, in the beginning, but one habituated, it is not at all difficult. So <jd:”lt-deity worship-necessity=”” 03″=””>apart from the marriage proposal, you may immediately take to Deity worship. I am sending herewith one copy of the process of Deity worship, and compiled by Brahmananda, that will help you and Pradyumna also knows, so combined together, you immediately begin Deity worship as Kirtanananda and Brahmananda is doing, and I am sure this process, helped by your regular chanting, will kill Mr. Lust, rest assured.Of course, when you begin, I am at your service always, and give you suggestions and ways and means to make progress in the Deity worship, but you can immediately adopt this principle.

Now so far teachings to the students, I think in New Vrindaban we shall have our own institution for teaching some boys, and I think you can be recognized principle of that institution. So far I understand, that the law of your country is that nobody can keep youngsters without being sent into the schools, so there are many juvenile Brahmacaris in San Francisco and their mother is perplexed where to send them. So I shall request you to think on this matter how we can organize a small party of Brahmacaris’ school, so that government may recognize it, and that will be a nice program.

Regarding hippies, I know hippies have no money. But <jd:”lt-self-sufficiency 01″=””>in New Vrindaban, our program is that the inhabitants should produce their own food, somehow or other they should be self-independent. Otherwise, what is the use of occupying such great tract of land. If we can think of starting a small institution, I think we shall get help from government and many foundations, if they understand that we are actually a training people for building up character and health along with imparting education.

The Free University program is a good proposal, and if we can introduce study of our books, Bhagavad-gita As It Is, and Teachings of Lord Caitanya, that will be a great success for our missionary propaganda, as well as financial help to our New Vrindaban scheme. In conclusion I may inform you that you can marry anytime, and any one of the girls in New York shall be ready to marry you as soon as I say. There is no problem in that matter. And each and every girl there are very nicely trained, and you will be happy.

So far Srimad-Bhagavatam is concerned, now Pradyumna and yourself immediately revise the 3 volumes already published. My next attempt will be to get them in 1 volume, as I have already suggested. And we shall now avoid the Sanskrit slokas, but simply give the transliteration, translation, and the purport. Pradyumna is there he will help in transliterating the verses, and translation is there, and purport is there; there is no use of giving synonyms and equivalent of Sanskrit word in English, simply transliteration and translation, as it is now adopted in Dr. RadhaKrishnan’s Bhagavad-gita, and purport. In this way, we want to print each canto a book. So you begin preparing immediately. The present three volumes shall only be revised to see the spelling mistakes or if there is any grammatical discrepancy, otherwise there is nothing to be added or subtracted.

Please try to organize the students in the State University, that will be a great service to the cause, but do it very tactfully so that the administration may not be disturbed.

Hope this will find you in good health. I am sure by the Grace of Krishna you shall be able to meet the challenge offered by your enemy.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Letter to Kirtanananda September 22 1968

Letter to: Kirtanananda
22 September, 1968


My Dear Kirtanananda,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated New Vrindaban, 16th Sept. 1968. <jd:”lt-farms and=”” simple=”” living=”” 06″=””>I am very glad to learn that all the members there are doing very nicely, and living happily. I hope that New Vrindaban will give shelter to so many unhappy men of this country and they will be happy by working there, and living there in good association of devotees. Pradyumna and Vamanadeva are very good boys; keep them very nicely, and they will be very much helpful. I have come here to Seattle, last evening, and things are hopeful here also. Yesterday, before coming here I was talking with one hippy boy. He came to see me in my apartment in San Francisco, and was talking that hippies are in search after such peaceful place, like you have got in New Vrindaban. And they do not like to live in the cities anymore. So if some of us go and make some canvassing work among the hippies, that the thing which they are searching after is here in Krishna Consciousness, and as soon as they come they will understand, so somebody may be engaged in such propaganda work. Regarding Randy, I understand that he is addicted to heroin intoxication, and he is taking some medicine to give it up, but I am sure that the best medicine is chanting theHARE KRISHNA mantra. For the time being, let him take the substitute medicine as he is taking, and at the same time let him seriously chant HARE KRISHNA. And I hope he will be able to give up that substitute medicine also. I have got experience—one of my God-brothers, he related about his past life, that he was addicted to all kinds of intoxication, and he was distilling wine in his village without any license—he was such a great intoxicant. But later on, we found him completely free from all intoxication—even he was not even smoking and was quite fit to work for Krishna Consciousness. So everything is possible provided one is serious. In the Srimad-Bhagavatam it is stated that if somebody is not too much addicted, neither he is completely powerful to give up some bad habits, this via media stage is favorable. Immediately if he cannot give up the medicine as he is taking, that doesn’t matter. Let him chant HARE KRISHNA very seriously and he will gradually be able to give up everything.

I am very glad to learn that Harivilasa has given you a Pair of Radha Krishna Murtis, so it appears that Radha Krishna is very kind on you, because you went to Vrindaban, to live there but circumstantially, you could not live there, and you left. Krishna has given you New Vrindaban, as well as He has, out of His good will, He has come to you. It is very surprising. So please welcome the Deity and install Him in a nice throne. I think Vamanadeva will be able to prepare a nice throne, and you have seen the New York Deities’ dress and process of worship, so you can do in that way. There is nothing to be added new. The same principle should be followed, and the Deities should always be well-dressed in clothing and some ornaments and flowers and incense. The Deities should always be attractive. And <jd:”lt-deity worship-result=”” 03″=””>the more we are engaged in decorating the Deities, washing the room, the more we are engaged in Deity worship, the more we become purified. That is practical. Brahmananda is also taking care of my Deity in New York, and he is practically experiencing and doing it. So if necessary you can take some information from him also.

This Seattle city is understood to be very big in area, and appears to be very peaceful also, because the population is less, and they are little responsive also. I think gradually this center will also grow very nicely.

I have sent Gaurasundara to Hawaii to open a branch there, and I have received letters from London that the 6 devotees there are prosecuting their regular duties, namely kirtan in the morning, and on the weekdays as we do generally, and they are having love feast also, although not in our own place, but in different places. And they are searching after a suitable place for our temple. Similarly, in Berlin also, we are hopeful for starting a new branch there. And Krishna das, and Uttama Sloka (Uttama Sloka is a German boy) they are going there. And I have also advised Acyutananda to return back to Germany. So I think 4 or 5 of them will do very nice in Berlin, and the 6 devotees in London, they will also do very nice there. And I think as soon as they are prepared to take me there, I shall go immediately, in Europe.

Hope you are well,

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Letter to Kirtanananda & Hayagriva August 23 1968

Letter to: Kirtanananda, Hayagriva

23 August, 1968


Jaya Om Visnupada Paramahamsa Parivrajakacarya Astottara Sata
(108) Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Prabhupada Ki Jaya
Namah Om Visnupadaya Krsnapresthaya Bhutale
Srimate Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Iti Namine
Jaya Sriman Hayagriva Brahmacari Prabhu Ki Jaya
Jaya Sriman Kirtanananda Swami Maharaja Ki Jaya
My Dear Kirtanananda and Hayagriva,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated August 20, 1968, and was so much pleased to read the contents carefully. Now I can understand clearly the mining position; anyway, as it is clear to everyone of us, now we can work with great enthusiasm for constructing a New Vrindaban in the United States of America. People who came from Europe to this part of the world, they named so many new provinces, and countries, just like New England, New Amsterdam, New York, so I also came in this part of the world to preach Krishna Consciousness and by His Grace and by your endeavor, New Vrindaban is being constructed. That is my great happiness. Our sincere endeavor in the service of the Lord, and the Lord’s assistants, to make our progressive march successful, are two important things to be followed in spiritual advancement of life. I think it was Krishna’s desire that this New Vrindaban scheme should be taken up by us, and now He has given us a great opportunity to serve Him in this scheme. So let us do it sincerely and all other help will come automatically. I am very glad to notice in Kirtanananda’s letter that he has realized more and more that the function of New Vrindaban is nothing physical or bodily, but purely spiritual and for the glorification of the Lord, Sri Hari. If we actually keep this view in our front, certainly we shall be successful in our progressive march.

I am very glad to learn, Kirtanananda, you are feeling so much happy in serving a beautiful Jagannatha Murtis which you have taken from Montreal. The aratrik ceremony can be performed as follows: The first aratrik ceremony is performed as you have seen in Vrindaban, at Radha Damodara Temple, early in the morning, before sunrise, at least one and a half hour before sunrise. The second aratrik is performed at about 8:00 in the morning, after dressing and decorating the Deity with flowers. The third aratrik is performed after offering the luncheon to the Deity. And then the fourth aratrik is performed in the evening. And the fifth aratrik is performed when the Lord goes to bed. So you have got practical experience, you have seen how they are doing in Radha Damodara Temple, and gradually, as far as possible, you can introduce them.  Jagannatha Swami is very kind to the fallen souls, because He is the Lord of the Universe, and all the living creatures are His subjects, therefore, Jagannatha Swami will bless you with all the required intelligence, how to satisfy Him. On the bathing ghats in India, generally, they install Lord Siva’s Murti, but that is not possible here, neither we want to divert attention in so many performances. Concentrate in one temple, and then we shall extend one after another. Immediately the scheme should be to have a temple in the center as you have already taken the plan, and residential quarter for the Brahmacaris, or Grhasthas, and let us go ahead with that plan at first.

Our next attempt should be to establish a New Vrindaban post office at our door, and if you can arrange for this. I think to establish a post office nearby it will be required that you get some letters from all centers. So this will not be difficult if that is the rule. First of all you know from authorities what is the paraphernalia, rules, to get a post office, then we shall advise all our centers to send you letters, at least 6 or one dozen from each center, and this will be sufficient to give proof that we are getting letters plenty.

The scheme regarding the will of Hayagriva Brahmacari, as well as the lease agreement between the society and Hayagriva Brahmacari, the tax payment, all this scheme are very nicely made, and I have got all my approval and so far the trustees are concerned, this is also required, and I can suggest that amongst the trustees, your two names, Kirtanananda and Hayagriva, and then Brahmananda, and from San Francisco Jayananda, and Mukunda, and Satsvarupa, Dayananda, Syamasundara., etc. and such sincere boys, who are working with their life and soul for the society, may be the trustees, and I think you should immediately make correspondence with Brahmananda, and I have already advised him that we should make a central committee. for management of all the centers. Or, if especially for New Vrindaban, different trustees required, that I cannot say. In my idea, there should be one central body of trustees for directing all the different centers as well as New Vrindaban, but there must be a local governing body for each center, that is my idea. Now you are consulting with some lawyers, you can take their suggestion also, but do everything very nicely so that we can serve Krishna without any difficulty.

Regarding Bhagavat edition: I have already decided that we must have a press. But it is understood that starting of press in New Vrindaban may not be very feasible, because if there is something wrong in the press, it will be difficult to repair it. Advaita, he is now working in some press for becoming our future press expert in running on the press. Advaita, Uddhava, both of them are working. And I have already advised that as soon as they assure that they can manage a press working, we shall immediately start the press.

Regarding editing of Bhagavatam: Certainly it will be entrusted to you, because Rayarama is engaged in the Back to Godhead. Hardly he will get some time. SoI have decided to print Srimad-Bhagavatam in 12 volumes, naming them differently. I have decided in this way; 1st vol., Creation; 2nd vol., Cosmic Manifestation; 3rd vol., Status quo; 4th vol., Mercy of God; 5th vol., Creative Energy; 6th vol., The Rulers of the Universe; 7th vol., Activities of God; 8th vol., Dissolution; 9th vol., Liberation; 10th vol., Ultimate Goal; 11th vol., General History; 12th vol., The Age of Deterioration.

You told me that you will arrange for the electricity immediately, so as soon as electricity connection is there, I shall go and stay in New Vrindaban for some time. Maybe, Krishna desiring, I may make my headquarters there. Your suggestion that Pondicherry was made famous on account of press work, it is good suggestion and my Guru Maharaja’s opinion is that press is thebrihat mrdanga, or the biggest, or the greater mrdanga. The sound of press goes long long distance, long distant places, so the organization of press and literature and public sales, should be our main business.

The San Francisco devotees are in New York, and so you may not send the Caitanya lila just now, better you finish it nicely. Then we shall see what to do.

Yes, Rayarama is trying his heart and soul to improve the quality of Back To Godhead, so this department should be exclusively managed by him, he has devoted his everything for this Back To Godhead department. I have asked also Janardana to join the editorial department of publication, and he will do translation work in French, of all our literatures, and similarly Syamasundara. may help in translating all the literatures in Germany, and I am arranging to take the mimeograph machine from New York, into Montreal, so that Janardana and other boy, Dayala Nitai, who is French Canadian, they can immediately issue, a French edition of Back To Godhead.

I am so pleased to learn that Kirtanananda, you have already attracted neighboring devotees by your presentation of Prasadam.  I am sure this Prasadam attraction will make our neighbors friendly and surely they will come in number in future so that New Vrindaban will be ideal place for visiting from the neighboring provinces, counties, I think so and it will be done nicely. I am so glad to learn that you are feeling too much engagement in New Vrindaban, and this a spiritual inspiration. Our society should never be a devil’s workshop, but it should be certainly the most magnificent platform for spiritual activities.

You will be pleased also to know that I am trying for religious minister’s immigration visa in USA, and it is almost finished, and I am hopeful of becoming successful. Hope this will meet you all in good health, and complete Krishna Consciousness,

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

P.S. The goat can be named Revachhagai, and the cow can be named as Surabhigai. Also you will be pleased to note that I’ve asked Gaurasundara to make a layout of the whole land and I shall place 7 different temples in different situation, as prototype of Vrindaban. There will be seven principle temples, namely, Govinda, Gopinatha, Madana Mohana, Syamasundara., Radha Ramana, Radha Damodara, and Gokulananda. Of course in Vrindaban, there are about more or less, big and small, about 5,000 temples; that is a far distant scheme. But immediately, we shall take up constructing at least 7 temples in different situations, meadows and buildings. So I am trying to make a plan out of the description of the plot of our leased land. And the hilly portions may be name as Govardgaba.  Govardhana-side, the pasturing grounds for the cows may be allotted.

N.B. Hamsaduta is performing kirtana in the park, and yesterday he collected 24 dollars. There is some picture in the paper and I am sending one herewith.

Letter to Hayagriva July 14 1968

Letter to: Hayagriva
14 July, 1968


My Dear Hayagriva,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your two letters dated July 6 and 8, 1968, respectively, along with one letter from Kirtanananda Swami. My first request to you is that as you are getting a job again, in the Ohio State University, you must accept it without hesitation. In the Bhagavad-gita you have read that one should fully utilize one’s talent for the service of the Lord.  Arjuna was a military man and he utilized his talent fully for executing the purpose of Lord Sri Krishna. So, by the Grace of Krishna, you have got some educational talent, and wherever there is opportunity to get some money, you must accept it, but spend the money for Krishna. As you are projecting to develop New Vrindaban, you will require money and I would advise you to purchase land there instead of taking on lease. If you want to take on lease, then it must be on long period, say 99 years; but first hand lease is better, that is from the government. I do not understand what is the position of Mr. Rose there, but I shall advise you not to make any big plans on the land of others. There is a Bengali proverb that if one is a poor man, he can go to some friends’ house and accept food and then come back, but one should never accept residence in other’s house. That is very inconvenient. Of course, for a Sannyasi like us, we can live anywhere and everywhere, rather we should not have our own place. But for the New Vrindaban project, I would advise you to purchase land as much as you can because it appears that the atmosphere and situation is very nice there. Another thing, I shall not advise you to purchase horses for conveyance. It will be a botheration for you, because now you have not got sufficient assistance. If you keep horses you have to take care for them and for a little convenience of transportation, you have to take so much botheration to keep the horse fit.

I am so pleased to learn that you have got a Deity Room and you are performing jointly Kirtana, assisted by a newcomer, Harold Olmstead. He may be called Hrsikesa, there is no objection, but generally a Holy Name after Lord Krishna is offered to a devotee after his initiation. Anyway, you can call him Hrsikesa, and the same name will be continued after his initiation also. In the meantime, let him be trained up in our line of activities to observe the rules and regulations and chant Hare Krishna jointly with you.

In your letter of the 8th instant you write to say, “but it would be difficult to spread the Mahamantra to the inhabitants here.” Our principal aim is to preach the importance of chanting the Holy Names of God. And if there is no such opportunity then the place will be specifically meant for persons who want to retire from activities. To retire from activities is not very good idea for the conditioned soul. I have got very good experience, not only in our country but also in your country, that this tendency of retiring from activities pushes one down to the platform of laziness, and gradually to the ideas of the hippies. One should always remain active in Krishna’s service, otherwise the strong maya will catch him and engage him in her service. Our constitutional position being rendering service, we cannot stop activity. So the New Vrindaban may not be turned into a place of retirement, but some sort of activities must go on there. If there is good prospective land, we should produce some grains, flours, and fruits, and keep cows, so that the inmates may have sufficient work and facility for advancing in Krishna Consciousness. In India actually the Vrindaban has now become a place of the unemployed, and beggars. Kirtanananda has already seen it; and so there is always a tendency of such degradation if there is no sufficient work for service of Krishna. Another suggestion is that if you can attract some retired men to live there peacefully and at the same time, make oneself advanced in Krishna Consciousness, that will be very nice. But I am afraid that retired men from this country cannot give up their old habits, generally, intoxication, keeping a dog, smoking, etc., and it will be difficult for them to give up such habits even they are invited to live with us in Vrindaban.

Regarding Easy Journey to Other Planets: You can inquire from Mukunda das if he is going to print it or not. If not, then you can do it because you have now some money and spend for its publication. And regarding editorial work, I shall send you some manuscripts very soon.

Regarding visa: I am not prohibited like that, that I cannot enter USA, but the permanent visa ws denied only on some technical ground. There is no impediment about my bona fides. But they have raised an objection because I submitted my application just after a fortnight of my arrival, and they say that I entered USA not as a bona fide non-immigrant. But I submitted my application, after consulting the Indian Embassy, as well as the American Embassy in Calcutta, but I see a different decision at the end. It is very difficult to take the words of government servants straightly. Canakya Pandit has advised not to trust a politician and a woman, so practically I consulted all these politicians and they have given a different decision. I do not know what is their intention, but for the time being I have not gotten the visa.

My present visa for Canada is up to the end of August. Actually it is up to the third of September, but if I like to stay here, I can extend it, it is not difficult. But I am intending to go to London, and it may be in the meantime I may go to Vancouver.

I am very much anxious about your health. Is it due to the place that you are having hay fever? It sometimes so happens that moist places causes such disturbances. Are there many mosquitoes? The best thing I can suggest that you try to keep your bowels cleared, and take more fruits and milk. That will keep you healthy. I hope you will soon feel better,

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Letter to Hayagriva August 17 1968

Letter to: Hayagriva
17 August, 1968


My Dear Hayagriva,
Please accept my blessings. I am so glad to receive your note dated August 13, 1968, with the copy of lease agreement and I have gone through it carefully. When you were here I suggested to purchase the land out-right. But I think it has not been possible. But on the face of the lease, it appears as good as sale document.

But the clause, “Excepting and reserving however, all of the coal within and underlying said property, and subject to the mining rights and privileges set forth in the deed conveying said coal, made by Joseph E. McCombs, et al., dated March 30, 1903, recorded in said Clerk’s office in Deed Book 98, at page 185,” has caused my headache. I do not know what is written there in the Clerk’s office in Deed Book 98, but on common sense, it appears that the area is coal mine or oilmine. Under the circumstances, if in future coal industry is developed and if it is required, the government may at once ask us to vacate and no law can stop it. Even if the government does not acquire our land, if in our vicinity some such industry (coal or oil industry) is started, the whole idea of Vrindaban will fade away. Vrindaban conception is a transcendental village, without any botheration of the modern industrial atmosphere. My idea of developing New Vrindaban is to create an atmosphere of spiritual life where people in bona fide order of social division, namely, Brahmacaris, Grhasthas, Vanaprastha, Sannyasis, or specifically Brahmacaris and Sannyasis, and Vanaprasthas, will live there independently, completely depending on agricultural produce and milk from the cows. The life should be simplified without being hampered by laboring day and night for economic development, without any spiritual understanding. The New Vrindaban idea is that persons who live there will accept the bare necessities of life to maintain the body and soul together and the major part of time should be engaged in development of Krishna Consciousness. The whole Vedic principle is to develop Krishna Consciousness, without creating much botheration for the program of sense gratification. Industrial development (or mining industry) in the neighboring places will mar the whole idea. Now you have to consider, yourself, looking forward to the future, of the land, and then decide, what to do. I do not like to have New Vrindaban with industrial or mining areas. I have got experience of them in India, that the mining areas are simply next to dungeon. The workers in the mines are considered to be residing in the hell. And we can never expect any good behavior from such workers. So we must think of the atmosphere around Vrindaban. In India also our present government, they are trying to develop industries in the vast tracts of land around Vrindaban, and creating a hellish atmosphere. So I shall request you to be assured of the future of the land, and then do the needful. The summary is that the face of the lease agreement appears to be all right, but I am thinking of a spiritual development. I hope you have received my previous letter and I am expecting your reply as soon as possible.

Last night we celebrated here Janmastami festival very gorgeously, and many Indians in large number attended and they contributed also very liberally. One Madrasi gentleman demonstrated a Krishna dance by his two young daughters, and it was nice. At the present moment, many devotees from San Francisco, New York (specifically your intimate friend Umapati, is present here) have come here. Today they will observe Vyasa Puja ceremony (my Birthday Anniversary), so from this day, I will be stepping on the 73rd year. I hope the remaining days of my life may be utilized to serve you all Western devotees of Krishna. Please pray to Krishna that he may give me the necessary strength to discharge the duty entrusted by my Spiritual Master. Convey my blessings to Kirtanananda, and I hope you are all doing well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Letter to Hayagriva dasa June 14, 1968

Letter to: Hayagriva
…and I have advised Kirtanananda and yourself to convert West Virginia into New Vrindaban. I understand the spot is very beautiful, and the hills may be renamed as New Govardhana. And if there are lakes, they can be renamed as Syamakunda and Radhakunda. Vrindaban does not require to be modernized because Krishna’s Vrindaban is transcendental village. They completely depend on nature’s beauty and nature’s protection.
(Letter by Srila Prabhupada June 14, 1968

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